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An introduction to NetGain Motors, Inc.


Introduction to NetGain Motors, Inc.

General Safety Procedures and Guidelines

Why use WarP Motors

Introduction to WarP Motors lingo

Troubleshooting DC Motors

All about WarP Motors

What Will I Learn?

  • This is is a general overview of NetGain Motors, Inc.

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Introduction to NetGain Motors, Inc.

About NetGain Motors, Inc.

General Safety Procedures and Guidelines?

Use common sense and be careful!

Why use WarP Motors?

What makes WarP Motors the best choice in DC motors for EV hobbyists and OEMs?

Introduction to WarP Motors lingo?

It is far easier to discuss electric motors when you know how to describe the various components. This section will help you understand the components used in series wound DC, brushed electric motors.

Knowing Your Motor?

Get to know your motor

Brushes and Commutation?

An introduction to brushes, brush wear care, wearing and compounds.

Motor Cleaning, Cooling and Maintenance?

How to properly clean, cool and maintain a brushed DC, series wound motor (inside and out)

Testing Motors?

If you have an issue with a brushed DC, series wound motor, these are some things you should do.

High Performance Hints?

Want to get the most possible power out of your brushed DC, series wound motor? Here are some hints that may improve the power level your motor can take in and put out. There is not free lunch, so be aware that these hints could also shorten the life of your motor.

About the instructor

NetGain Motors, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor of HyPer™, WarP™, ImPulse™ and TransWarP™ electric motors for use in electric vehicles and electric vehicle conversions. These powerful electric motors may also be used in the conversion of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles to Hybrid gas/electric or electric assist vehicles. Our DC motors are manufactured in Frankfort, Illinois by Warfield Electric Motor Company. Our Synchronous AC Motors (SRIPM) are manufactured by SME in Italy.
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  • Introduction to NetGain and who we are, what we do.

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  • New Authorized Motor Dealers and end users of our products